i-JadeTM Software Modules

i-JadeTM PVR
PVR features include live and timer recording, playback, trick play as well as PC based PVR application is also available.

i-JadeTM EPG
Our EPG software module provides you with continuously updated programming menus displaying broadcast programs or scheduling information for current and upcoming programs.

i-JadeTM BML-N & i-JadeTM BML-J
BML is the data broadcasting language specified by the Japanese ARIB organization for use in the ARIB standard.

Our MediaStack-BML features:

  1. BML3.0 full implementation, full compliance with ARIB specification, ARIB STD-B24
  2. Java and C versions provided
  3. High performance; Independent of the Java VM
  4. Easy integration with ARIB-J (ARIB STD-B23) if Java version used
  5. Support custom tag as defined by broadcasting stations.

i-JadeTM HTML Browser
We can provide you with HTML browser for cableTV, IPTV, and STB for consumers.

For content protection and connectivity between devices, we can supply you with DLNA library.

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