Software Solutions for Japan Market

MediaStackTM ARIB

MediaStackTM ARIB is UNIQA's fully compliant ARIB commercial implementation that is architected for easy portability to multiple platforms. It supports the ARIB specifications B-23, B-24 and B-10. MediaStackTM ARIB was created independently of a specific virtual machine or hardware platform to ensure portability and interoperability, and to provide customers with multiple vendor options.

- Basic stack adhering to the ARIB specification
- B-CAS support
- Japanese terrestrial digital, BS/CS 110-degree digital broadcasting support
- One segment service support

MediaStackTM ARIB-J

ARIB-J is the Japanese specification developed based on the DVB-MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) specification. "J" refers to Java. Initially, ARIB-J referred to both DVB-MHP and GEM standards. We can supply you ARIB-J library.

MediaStackTM One Seg

One Seg is a specific requirement for the delivery of digital TV content to mobile devices in Japan. UNIQA Media has a "One Seg" version of its MediaStackTM technology and we can supply it for your DTV solutions.
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