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The Interactive Digital TV (iDTV) Content Creation Service or iCS has been established to support Digital Video Broadcast-Multiple Home Platform (DVB-MHP, OpenTV, Flash) standard for content providers, cell phone carriers, iDTV broadcasters. The iCS provides a robust content creation environment for iDTV content creation, testing, debugging and validation.

This content creation environment will provide an end-to-end DVB-MHP content development solution, consisting of UNIQA Media iDTV authoring tools for DVB-MHP, transport stream carousel generator, content management/application support system, MPEG-2 stream generator, digital satellite modulator, MHP-compliant set-top boxes as well as third party software and hardware products. It will cover the complete DVB-MHP content development process from authoring to commercial publishing.


As the new standard for iDTV, DVB-MHP offers apromising future in which the iDTV content plays a crucial role. However, content development is a challenge for content developers due to its new technology, high development cost, long development circle as well as lacking testing environment. The iCS allows even inexperienced developers to immediately start creating sophisticated iDTV content and to author complete iDTV applications (xlet), including optimization and generation of base band MPEG-2 transport streams in a well established development environment.

Furthermore, as a leading-edge software solutions provider for the digital television technology industries, UNIQA Media provides premium support services, consulting, as well as technical training/seminars, offering developers high-level assistance in their development phase. Services include:

1. Facility Usage with Technical Assistance
Customers can use the iCS facilities for iDTV content creation and testing. Our technical team is readily available on hand to provide technical assistance as and when required.

2. Testing and Consultation Services
The iCS provides testing and consultation services, which includes debugging and validation services for iDTV applications. UNIQA Media will issue certifications for iDTV applications.

3. iDTV Application Distribution
The iCS helps content developers and/or owners to sell or distribute certified iTV applications to operators and other service providers.

4. Training Seminars
UNIQA Media conducts training seminars for iDTV content creation at the iCS on a regular basis. The training seminars cover a wide range of topics, ranging from value-added iDTV applications to iDTV content creation and testing.

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